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Baymix is the modern, cost effective way to manage your concrete needs. Using the new generation of Volumetric concrete machines our service can be tailored to your needs. It gives you many advantages over a traditional "Drum" type mixer, including:

  • Fresh Concrete everytime - because we carry the raw aggregates with us and we mix on site your concrete will be no more than 7 seconds old

  • No Waste or Disposal Charges - The machine mixes the concrete there and then on site and can dispense the concrete to your requirements. Therefore it will stop dispensing when you have the amount required

  • No under orders - By mixing on site, there will never be any need to send the wagon back to the yard for that extra wheelbarrow load

  • Changing your mix - The mix can be changed to suit your specific needs without being sent back to the batching plant. The water content can be altered on the fly to ensure you get the concrete that best suits your needs. We can even supply two completely different mixes of concrete in one visit, again saving time, money and hassle

  • 24/7 capability - because we are not limited by batch plant opening times we have the capability to supply concrete around the clock. This can be particulary beneficial when working on public highways etc, where the work may have to be carried out during the night. With prior arrangement we can supply at a time that is right for you. For regular customers we can also respond to emergency requests for concrete at short notice
"The only thing that isn't flexible in our operation....is our concrete"


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